Whimsical Candy

Brand Development


Life is good. Candy is fun. La-Dee-Dah!

Whimsical Candy was founded by someone who at age 3 packed her bag and tried moving to a candy store. Not entirely a bad idea—until, of course, she discovered that she wasn't allowed to cross the street and kept walking in squares around the same block. Now a trained pastry chef, she makes small batch sweets that blend a grown-up taste for quality with the fun and classic flavors of childhood candy.


Counterform was called in early for business strategy consulting, naming, and to develop the brand identity and packaging for their signature product, La-Dee-Dahs. With great salesmanship, we were also able to negotiate a small role in product tasting. After several days of staring at these delicious little round candies, we discovered that they were staring back at us. And thus, the story began.

Since it's inception, Counterform has helped manage the Whimsical Candy brand across every application and touchpoint that they have with their customers. What began as a tiny test kitchen nestled in the quite neighborhoods of Chicago is now a successful retail store in the heart of downtown. Whimsical Candy has, indeed, grown up and is fast becoming a household name with candy lovers of all kinds.


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grinning from ear to ear

The first step was to imagine a name and mark for the company that would instantly put a smile on someone's face. The next step was to bring it to life.



spoil your dinner

Packaging for Whimsical Candy's signature product, La-Dee-Dahs. A seriously sweet box of candy.




Digitally Delicious!

A delicious website for Whimsical Candy, an artisan candy company in Chicago who wanted to bring smiles to the masses and remind them of their blissful childhood trips to the candy store.


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