The Vancouver Clinic

Brand Development


The only constant is movement

In the mid 1930s, two friends, both of whom were doctors, met to share a meal and an idea. Both men were doing well, and they’d traded enough referrals back and forth over time that they joked about going into practice together. “Move things along,” one said to the other, and both men nodded their heads.

The casual idea stuck with both of them. What would happen, they wondered, if they really did “move things along”? They decided to follow the idea, and soon began sharing an office downtown. In less than three years, two more doctors joined them, and by 1940 they had the makings of a community medical clinic, one of the area’s first.

When it came to naming their group practice, they wanted it to reflect the population they served, many of whom were the children and grandchildren of the area’s timber industry, fishermen, carpenters and millworkers. After a few tries, they settled on something they knew would move well into the future. They called it The Vancouver Clinic.


As you move

In concept maps, thoughts are typically connected with a series of words and phrases to help form more complete ideas. We developed this concept map as a project for The Vancouver Clinic, the oldest and largest multi-specialty health clinic in Vancouver, Washington. This was our first step in helping to define The Vancouver Clinic's larger brand promise. 

Concept Maps are webs of linked terms that help us visualize our mental models and clarify our thinking.

cross your heart

One of our earliest observations about The Vancouver Clinic's logo was that it was in need of some basic geometric and typographic refinements. This seemingly simple task is where we began.

The anatomy of a logo is vital to its ability to fulfill its larger purpose–to identify and communicate.


A like a day keeps the doctor away. As one of the region's oldest multi-speciality healthcare clinics was nearing it's 80th birthday, they decided that it was time for them to join the conversation. Counterform was called in to solidify The Vancouver Clinic's brand positioning and establish their social media foundation. Below is a reel from two years of social media management for the organization. Content ranged from creative campaigns, such as Seasons of Health, and strategic messaging to community events to health and lifestyle tips for a wide range of audiences. Our primary focus was to build a dedicated base of followers and provide them with meaningful content, while looking to enhance the Clinic's digital presence.

In our increasingly fast-paced digital world, social media is about more than just having an online presence. It's about connecting with your audiences through content that they care about.
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