The Cobbler’s Shoes


The age old saying "practice what you preach" can often be overlooked when it comes to the service that a company offers for itself. The story of Counterform's brand begins and ends with this phrase in mind and demonstrates that we take care of our own identity in the same manner as we would any one of our clients – with creativity, practicality, and responsibility.

The age old saying “practice what you preach” can often be overlooked...

When we set out to redesign our website, we had three primary goals. The first was to help our clients and potential clients have multiple access points to our portfolio of work, whether they might be looking for something specific, or an entire brand story. The second was to show the depth of our work across multiple industries and regions of the country. The third and final goal was to increase education about the power of compelling design, which we chose to do through a fun and interactive game that helps people identify with the brands they know and love.

Some of the conveniences you'll find along with the way are the ability to share almost any page of the site on your favorite social media network, instantly search for work by client or medium, and if you're a current client, login directly to your account on our project management portal.

As some of our clients have described as our "uniquely playful way," there's a whimsical tone to our language and succinct descriptions of the work we've done and the results it's achieved on behalf of our clients. We've even provided some insight to our thought process using simple, hand-crafted illustrations. All of this is neatly tucked around a flexible, adaptable, and complex technology framework that appears seamless to the user.

Please take a look around and send us a note to let us know what you think. We welcome your feedback and we hope you're as excited about our new site as we are!

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