“The space within” is a consistent theme in the work that we do. To that end, this season we had the chance to think about the face of our business in a different light.

Pumpkins are often judged by their exterior qualities... shape, size, stem, color and weight.

Pumpkins are often judged by their exterior qualities. People roam the pumpkin patch in search of the one that stands apart from the group, evaluating its shape, size, stem, color and weight. Each person has a different agenda for their prized pumpkin. Some will simply display them on their porch, while others will look to send a message by carving a theme or face into it. Still others will carefully dissect the pumpkin to create a delicious baked good. From the pumpkin’s perspective, this must be quite the runway to have to walk down. However, they each work tirelessly to don their best attire and win the affection of passers by.

Like pumpkins, brands are often evaluated by their external qualities—imagery, typefaces, sounds, and overall style are ways that brands capture the attention of their audiences. At Counterform, we consider the inside of a brand to be just as important as the outside, creating a link by which audiences can connect with the brand through their own experiences, perceptions and memories.

While most people would be content with just appreciating a pumpkin for what it is, we were compelled to take it one step further by relating the process of making a pie to the process of building a brand. There are many steps required in order to craft the perfect pumpkin pie. Gathering and precisely measuring the ingredients, hand-crafting the crust for presentation, the aroma and timing in the oven, the attention to detail such as the dollop of whipped cream that’s often placed on top and, of course, a person’s reaction to the taste.

If you’re looking for a way to connect the inside and outside parts of your brand, let’s talk over a slice of pie.

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