Public Domain

Brand Development


Great coffee belongs to the public.

The people at Public Domain believe that coffee should be an experience – not just a routine. An opportunity to discover and to be surprised. An open exchange of insights. A shift in a person's perspective. And, this is exactly how they have defined themselves. Exceptional coffees. Expertly grown. Carefully harvested. Seasonal and fresh. Skillfully roasted. Artfully prepared. They believe that truly great coffee shouldn’t just be for the chosen, but should be a choice for all.

Public Domain is the vision and creative expression of Coffee Bean International, Oregon’s original specialty coffee roaster. Their mission: to craft-roast exceptional coffees, and to cultivate coffee passion among the public. Though successful on this mission over the years, the company’s unique story had never been widely told.

Counterform was responsible for establishing and maintaining a brand for Public Domain brand that began with what the company should be named. After settling in on how people would refer to the revitalized company, we developed a trademark that truly personified the name and designed everything from environmental signage and retail applications to product packaging, promotional and launch materials, and educational literature. At the corner of Broadway and Alder in downtown Portland, you'll find a coffee shop that truly embodies its name.

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