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Project Contact Name
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Requested First-look Date
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Requested Delivery Date
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What is the purpose of this project? Please include details which will help to express more clearly how this project will affect the way the company will be perceived by the market. Please include any key messages. A creative approach should be developed around a primary and a secondary objective only.
(e.g. raise market awareness by 25%, sell a specific number of products, educate existing customers, enthuse salespeople, heighten the company image, build brand loyalty.)
Please list the final deliverables of this project. If they are printed materials, please list the approximate quantity needed. Please also include vendor/production information as it may apply (e.g. printer, sign company).
This is very important. It will save time, money and prevent angry rustling of papers later on. If you can think of any constraints, or anything specific that we should consider, please let us know here.
Most communication programs leave only one overall impression. If you could choose just one thing that the viewer would remember, what would it be?
Please describe the files you're uploading and rename all files to include the client name, project title, and date before uploading to ensure all files are properly organized. Example: client-name-project-name-01-01-2017.pdf
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