Plus Minus

Brand Development


More than just numbers

Navigating the world of accounting, tax law, and finance can be overwhelming. Plus Minus understands these challenges and strives to be a navigational tool for their clients. They think of themselves as a GPS for business finances. Their end goal: to make sure their clients are in position to arrive where, when, and how they want. By combining accuracy, forethought, technology and strong communications, they’re able to create precise results for their clients. Their professional services run the gambit, including tax preparation, full service payroll, bookkeeping, proactive tax planning, Quickbooks administration, and consulting, each delivered with accuracy and effectiveness.


We were called in at a crucial time when this professional service firm was at a crossroads. As the owner realized the need to extend the firm’s reach and brand awareness, he looked to us to develop a new name for the firm, a comprehensive and modern visual identity, and a highly functional new website and customer portal. Plus Minus’ clients now have the ability to access their records, including financial statements and returns, and sign documents electronically online.

In the end, we made everything add up, a result accountants are particularly fond of.

PLUS MINUS Overview film

A one minute introduction to Plus Minus and its capabilities.

Welcome to the land of precision.

service plan film

A 90 second film showcasing the service plans at Plus Minus and how they help you select your preferred method of financial transportation.

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