Geffen Mesher

Brand Development


Observe today. Shape tomorrow.

For more than 75 years, Geffen Mesher’s focus has taken them beyond the numbers and into the lives, plans and strategic goals of their clients. In providing professional tax, financial consulting and reporting services for businesses, organizations, and individuals, they have successfully guided their clients through booms and busts, recessions and recoveries, with an approach and model built around the commitment of their people, decades of experience, and expertise across a wide range of industries.

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Commitment, experience and expertise point back to the professionals who make up Geffen Mesher. Likewise, commitment, experience and expertise speak of the firm itself.

The people at Geffen Mesher are big picture experts and financial strategists that specialize in supporting the lives, plans and goals of the people they serve. 

Counterform was retained to help Geffen Mesher revisit their identity from the inside out. By digging deep into the rich history behind this firm, we worked to develop a narrative and brand positioning, as well as a variety of print and electronic collateral that helped to raise awareness and set the firm apart from their competitors. 

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Value beyond the numbers

For Geffen Mesher's corporate website, we created a data matrix that would cross-reference the firm's industry groups and service offerings with the professionals that have experience in a specific area. We also developed secondary templates to create a dual-language profile (English and Chinese) for those that specialize in international business throughout the Asia Pacific.

Beyond the inherent challenges of content management, navigation, and structure that accompany all websites, this project contained several technical challenges.
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