An interactive way to kill time:

Because the mark of a brand is more than just a visual bauble, we've developed this fun and interactive waste of your time to help keep you on our site longer. More specifically, this game was designed to help you learn how the smallest amount information can help you identify with a brand through the use of consistency, repetition and, of course, good design. You may even become as obsessed with trademarks as we are!

Instructions: Your mission is simple. Type in your guess for what company or product each mark below is associated with. The correct answer will be revealed and a total score given at the end. You can even show off your score to your friends by sharing it on Facebook or Twitter!

Disclaimer: Please note that Counterform is using the trademarks in the context below solely for the purposes of analysis and education. They have not been modified from their original form in any way. We are not claiming an endorsement from any of the companies shown here, and all of the images below remain the property of the company they are owned by and associated with.

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