Handcrafted FAQs

Below are the answers to several of our most commonly asked questions, which we have thoughtfully answered, albeit tongue-in-cheek!


Are your services artisanal, hand-crafted, and sustainable?
Yes, our creative thinking is 100% original and authentic. Everything we provide in the way of intellectual property is perfectly safe for the environment. No, unfortunately we can't deliver any of our services on a bicycle.

Can I send you images I've downloaded from the web to use on my billboard?
Unfortunately, not. The resolution of most web images (typically 72 dpi) are not suitable for printed applications. Likewise, it will be difficult for us to extract images from Microsoft Word files, decade-old PowerPoint decks, and CorelDraw v1 files. 

I didn't realize the hamburger icon was a button. You mean there's content beyond the homepage?
Yes, this symbol has become a universal indicator for "more." Fortunately, mobile and desktop website navigation have undergone a revolutionary transformation, thereby becoming more integrated. This helps users only have to learn one way of navigating a site to access content from device to device.

We have an arbitrarily, pre-determined and fixed budget. Can you still work with us?
Most likely, yes. Although conversations about budget are most useful in a joint discussion about scope, we can tailor our services to match your budget. As long as your wish list is flexible, it shouldn't be a problem!

How sensitive are you about feedback on splitting your infinitives?
Generally speaking, not so much. However, if you're planning to derail one of our presentations, or would like to have a tangential discussion about English grammar, we reserve the right to sic our Director of Long and Short-Windedness on you. He will most likely be armed with the Chicago Manual of Style.

Can you make the logo bigger?
Of course! But, does it need to be? Visual hierarchy is a delicate balance.

I don't like the design because it's "too foofy" looking. Can you change it?
This also depends. While design is an iterative process to arrive at a workable solution, we also have to identify what doesn't work about a particular direction in order to be able to refine or change it. Subjective language can be difficult to decode when trying to solve a communication problem.

Can you guess what typeface this is?
While we consider ourselves to be masterful at typography, even we have limitations. Although, the classics are instantly recognizable, there are literally tens of thousands of typefaces from dozens of type foundries on the market today—almost all of which fall outside the standard Windows Font Pack. And, let's not forget those lovable type designers who create custom typefaces for their newest craft brewery client. Not because they have to, but because they need to!

Can our dog sit on your lap during a presentation?
To be honest, it depends on how flatulent the dog is. (We've had one or two interesting experiences). While we are generally a pet-friendly studio, we tend to be a bit better focused when we only have laptops on our laps.

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