The First Date:

Counterform is always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with individuals or businesses, or to contribute our expertise to planning, defining, and solving complex communication problems. To say hello, learn more about us or to request more information, please call 503-747-3765. However, if you are in a panic, angry or upset, we highly recommend that you take several deep breaths, wait 3 minutes and then call us. While nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned conversation, you’re welcome to send us a note, or stop by. We look forward to hearing from you.

New Business:

If you’re a hardworking, smart designer that has an insatiable appetite for good typography, please email your resume to the address below. We’re always looking for qualified individuals. We only accept well-designed PDF files.

917 SW Oak, SUITE 410 
Portland, Oregon 97205

Counter Form