Coffee Bean Intl.

Brand Development


Coffee's on!

Founded in 1972 as a tiny storefront operation, Coffee Bean International is now one of the biggest and most respected specialty coffee roasters in the nation. They are as passionate about the coffee they roast as the service they provide. From the farms to the roaster to the retailer to the cup, they strive for perfection every step of the way. More than just a roaster, Coffee Bean International has been a leader in sustainable coffee from their inception. From their history of forward-thinking environmentally sound programs to their LEED-certified roastery, it all adds up to better coffee that’s better for the planet and better for business.


Counterform helped shape the Coffee Bean International brand at every touchpoint they have with their customers. This included custom packaging for a variety of retail industries, environmental design for retail grocers, internal brand communications, promotional material and sales literature, and high-level positioning pieces that helped to heighten the information and understanding their customers have of the coffee industry.

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