Clackamas Repertory Theatre

Brand Development


Where even the classics wear new clothes

Attending a Clackamas Repertory Theatre performance is like meeting up with a favorite collection of friends in an intimate setting that, no matter how familiar, feels fresh, alive and new. The gathering is both lively and polite, the food couldn’t be better, and the refreshments are always top shelf. In short, not only do you not want to leave, but when you do go home, you’re still talking about the evening a few days later, looking forward to your next visit.


From farces to musicals to dramas, classics to world premieres, Clackamas Repertory Theatre produces performances that are both familiar and yet brand new. This relationship between familiarity and freshness is at the core of everything Clackamas Rep does. A consistent group of professional actors, artists and designers who share a common artistic vision—to be a breath of fresh air in the regional arts scene, a place that’s easy to get to, that’s warm and inviting when you arrive, that puts on a great show every time, and that leaves you hungry for more.

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