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Brand Development


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The Artists Repertory Theatre is Portland’s oldest professional theater. For more than 20 years they have challenged artists and audiences with plays of depth and vibrancy in their two off-Broadway-sized, sleek and comfortable theaters.


Artists Rep approached Counterform weary after a long time of grappling with their communications program. Since nothing excites us more than grappling with complicated communications programs, we jumped right in and applied a systematic approach that helped them overhaul their brand identity, maximize the impact of their advertising and increase their visibility in the community. Through the use of thoughtful and strategic design, we helped guide them on how to better market their productions to new and existing theater patrons. This included the development of a variety of brand elements, messaging, promotional show material, external marketing initiatives and strategic partnerships, an interior and exterior signage system, and an engaging and highly-functional new web site that took their communications program to the next level.


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brand collateral

A selection of collateral for the theatre as it began the process of reinventing itself.



conceptual show images

Creating visual clues that provided insight into each production was only one small challenge in marketing these individual productions. Enhancing the audience experience was our overarching goal.


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