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Welcome all you characters

Many pots of coffee ago, young Allan Stuart, notebook tucked under his arm, stood out on the stoop of his family’s brownstone, licked his thumb, and held it in the breeze to check the weather. It was foggy outside. Allan didn’t like the fog. He wanted to get above it. He said goodbye to his mother, and started down the steps like he was following the road to school. He dashed to the left, then to the right, and then followed a series of shortcuts between buildings—all the spaces he’d mapped out for himself and his travels.

Maybe you’ve charted across the ocean, piloted through town, crossed the street, surfed the web, or wandered into the kitchen to start the morning brew. Whatever your journey, Allan’s helps you step into character for your next adventure. 

We love characters. Characters reveal secret aspects of ourselves: our “inner therapist” is always there to help; the “carpenter” part of our personality is ready to get to work on a new project or craft. Sometimes we’re a quiet “bookworm,” while other times, we’re the loudest “fan” in the room. Characters of all shapes and sizes lend new meaning to our moments. We remember our favorite characters from movies and plays. We reflect on a character’s arc across a series of books. We root for the home team because they embody the character of our city. We role play, and take on new characteristics and traits.

Allan’s exists for the moments that happen for and between people, whether you want to get lost in the world of flavors and notes, learn more about a bean’s origin, or wrap your hands around the cup because it feels good.

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